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Daelmans Honey Stroopwafel, Ceylon Black Tea Gift

Honey, Cinnamon & Bourbon Vanilla Filling, Extra Special English Breakfast Loose Leaf

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  • Ingredients : bourbon vanilla, caramel, honey, wafer, waffle, stroopwafel, ceylon black tea, stainless steel infuser

DELICIOUS, STRONG, & MOUNTAIN BLACK TEA LEAVES - An aromatic, robust & rich leafy Ceylon black tea directly from high elevation tea estates in Sri Lanka. Only the finest leaves hand plucked, prepared, and presented to you by Ceylon Master Teamen. FRESH CARAMEL & HONEY DAELMANS WAFFLES - Soft, toasted, waffles filled with caramel, cinnamon, and real bourbon vanilla. Enjoy the perfect sweet snack for tea & coffee. 50 CUPS OF CEYLON BREAKFAST TEA - Every gift set makes 50 cups of tasty hot tea & iced tea, which can be served with milk, sugar and/or lemon slices. Make perfect Kombucha using this black tea as a starter. HAND PICKED TEA FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT - Expert tea leaf pluckers and trusted growers select only the finest leaves from the top tea growing regions of Ceylon and deliver them to you. A truly amazing farm to cup journey that results in the freshest and tastiest products possible. No artificial flavors, additives and ingredients. PERFECT TEA INFUSER GIFT - A stainless steel reusable tea infuser gift is included for free to end a dependence on plastic (nylon) and paper tea bags which result in bitter tea, toxic syrup, & are bad for the environment.
  • Origin : Sri Lanka