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"The tastiest green cardamom pods we could find. Lucky to find all natural pods of this grade. " - GLP

Fresh Ceylon Green Cardamom Pods

Aromatic & Large Pods, Freshly Harvested Seeds, Premium Gourmet Ceylon Spices, Make Delicious Cakes

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  • Ingredients : green organic cardamom, resealable aluminum pouch, whole cardamom pods

TOP GRADE CEYLON GREEN CARDAMOM - The best Ceylon Green Cardamom from the only place in the world this healthy variety grows. It is the 3rd most expensive spice in the world & known by many names including cardamom, cardamum, cardamon, cardamun, elaichi, ella, elka, velchi, veldoda, enasal etc. PURE & AROMATIC CARDAMOM - Naturally flavorful Ceylon green cardamom pods with no additives. Make extremely tasty & healthy chai tea, coffee, and baked goods. FRESH FARM DIRECT - Our Ceylon Spice Team only picks the freshest, tastiest & healthful pods from the largest cardamom growers in Ceylon. The picked cardamom pods are sent directly to you without delay ensuring you always get the best possible product. NON-GMO USDA FAIRTRADE - Elephant Chateau only delivers freshly grown high grade & potent Ceylon Cardamom rich with nutrients your body requires. TASTY & HEALTHY PURE CARDAMOM TEA - Ceylon cardamom is a health spice that is known to decrease inflammation. Learn more about the two varieties (Elettaria and Amomum) of cardamom by contacting us directly.
  • Origin : Sri Lanka