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"Quick pure Ceylon cinnamon tea, exactly what I needed to regulated my blood sugar." - Eva

Fresh Ceylon Cinnamon (Tea Cut)

Make Tasty & Healthy Pure Cinnamon Tea, Naturally Lowers Blood Sugar, Fresh Ceylon luxury Spices

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  • Ingredients : Tea Cut Ceylon Cinnamon

TOP GRADE CEYLON "TRUE" ALBA CINNAMON - The best Ceylon cinnamon from the only place in the world this healthy variety grows. Alba grade is quite rare and it is the finest and most prized quality of cinnamon DELICIOUS HONEY CINNAMON - Naturally sweet Ceylon cinnamon with no additives. Tea cut grade for maximum potency and ease of brewing. Make extremely tasty & healthy cinnamon tea with no added sugar (recipe included) NON-GMO USDA FAIRTRADE - Elephant Chateau only delivers freshly grown high grade & potent alba cinnamon rich with nutrients your body requires. FRESH FARM DIRECT (2020 HARVEST) - Our Ceylon Spice Team only picks the freshest, tastiest & most healthful cinnamon from the largest cinnamon growers in Ceylon. The picked cinnamon is sent directly to you without delay ensuring you always get the best possible product. TASTY & HEALTHY PURE CINNAMON TEA - Ceylon cinnamon is a health food that is known to lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, decrease inflammation, lower bad cholesterol & more. Learn more about cinnamomum verum (zeylanicum) by contacting us directly.
  • Origin : Sri Lanka