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"I wanted a special tea for company. This tea has a really beautiful pure tea flavor. It is one of the best teas I've tasted." - Cathy

Ceylon Golden Tip White Tea

Delicious Iced Tea & Hot Tea, 60 Cups, Aromatic Flavorful Gold Needle Black Tea, Elephant Chateau

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  • Ingredients : Tea Infuser, Ceylon Golden Tip White Tea

Royal Golden Tip Ceylon Black Tea blended by the very best Ceylon Master Teamen and presented to you with the permission of the Elephant Chateau and the Ceylon Flavor Foundation. Every ethically sourced product we offer is prepared with the utmost attention to quality. Golden Tips Suited for the King Royal Golden Tip Ceylon White Tea - Presenting you with the finest Ceylon tippy gold leaf courtesy of Elephant Chateau. Whole Leaf Goodness - Elephant Chateau takes pride in providing you the leafiest & most aromatic golden tip tea. Tea Infuser Gift - Our free & environmentally friendly stainless steel tea infuser ensure your tea is free of toxic chemicals & plastic. How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea (Standard Method) 1) Place one tablespoon of tea (per person) into a tea infuser. 2) Bring fresh water to just below boiling (180F) and pour it onto the infuser. 3) Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes (based on strength <br> preference). 4) Add sugar, milk, or lemon to suit personal taste (optional). 5) Stir, serve & enjoy! Benefits of Ceylon Golden Tipped Black Tea Increases Fat Burning Improves Digestion Natural Antioxidant Visit us at ElephantChateau.com for more limited time tea & spice offers.
  • Origin : Sri Lanka