Affiliate Product URL List

Affiliate Product URL List

Using a product URL that is related to your social media post or back linking article can be very effective for maximizing affiliate payout.

Example: Post your “Extra Large Vanilla Beans” referral URL on a high traffic “Facebook Dessert Group” & get a higher pay out for all traffic & sales .

Using Affiliate Referral Codes

Add your unique referral code “?r=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” to the end of any link to receive a referral credit for traffic, sales, etc.


*Login & retrieve your unique referral code from My Account > Affiliate Dashboard.

Affiliate Products

Product NameProfit Share (♦♦♦♦♦ = High %)Referral URL Example
Extra Large Vanilla Beans (Grade A1 Gourmet)♦♦♦♦♦
Fresh Ceylon Green Cardamom Pods♦♦
Fresh Ceylon Cinnamon Quills♦♦♦
Fresh Ceylon Cinnamon (Tea Cut)♦♦♦
Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil♦♦♦
Flowery Ceylon Black Tea♦♦♦♦
Royal Black Tea♦♦♦♦
Spicy Masala Chai Tea (200g)♦♦♦
Royal Earl Grey Tea (Blue Flower)♦♦♦
Royal Cinnamon Spice Tea (Fresh Ceylon Cinnamon Chips)♦♦♦
Royal Green Tea (High Grade Ceylon Tea)♦♦♦
Crown Ceylon Black Tea♦♦♦
Royal White Silver Needle Tea | 60 Cups Delicious Tea♦♦♦
Perfect Cinnamon Grater (Stainless Steel)♦♦♦
Perfect Tea & Spice Infuser | Stainless Steel Strainer♦♦
White Porcelain Perfect Tea Cup Set (4 Pieces)♦♦♦♦
Alaskan Smoked Wild Salmon Fillet (1/2 Pound)♦♦♦

Test ALL links to ensure they are working before posting.

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