Affiliate Referral Program

Affiliate Referrals

There are three ways to maximize earnings as an Affiliate Partner. All three types of referrals utilize the same unique affiliate code located on your Affiliate Dashboard.

Customer Referral (High Payout)

Affiliates are paid a percentage of the value of the products sold.

Review the Product URL List for more details about the profit share rankings of popular products.

Traffic Referral (Medium Payout)

Affiliates are paid for traffic based on quality. Bounce rate, source, country, and as many as 15 other factors determine the value of a visitor.

Enjoy high CPM rates for relevant high quality traffic from North America & Europe.

Affiliate Referral (Variable Payout)

Affiliates are paid a referral bonus based on the amount of sales and traffic an Affiliate Partner they referred has earned.

Invite YouTubers, Influencers, Social Media Ninjas, etc… and get paid. Earn a bonus when they earn referrals.

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